Friday, July 4, 2014

Eagle One Stand By For Launch!

     Last September I posted photos of my Konami Rescue Eagle.  I've finally gotten around to posting its companion piece; the Konami Eagle Transporter.  This amazing spacecraft was designed for Space: 1999 by special effects artist and model builder Brian Johnson.  It's still considered one of television's most iconic spacecraft designs.   Structurally speaking this model is identical to Konami's Rescue Eagle in size and detail.  The only difference is the central pod which in this case has the standard passenger/transport paint scheme.  In terms of the show; the red striped pod would have contained rescue equipment and emergency medical facilities whereas  the standard pod would have contained a passenger section and lite cargo space.  Moonbase Alpha's greatest material asset is a great addition to any Gerry Anderson collection even in the small Konami size.   Enjoy!

The Complete Konami Space: 1999 Collection

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