Friday, July 4, 2014

Get MUFON On The Line! Shinsei UFO Commander 7 Has Landed!

     While we're on the subject of 70s UFO toys; let us not leave out Shinsei's UFO Commander 7 lineup.  This interesting line of toys was released around the same time in Japan as Nakajima's UFO series.  It, too, enjoyed limited release in the US during the 80s under the name Star Mites from Empire Toys.
     Strangely, this toyline had only one toy that could be considered a UFO; the spaceship Blue Silver.  The remaining toys were a pair of cool robots and a variety of what may be best described as scifi construction vehicles.  These included a crane, a bulldozer, a ditch digger, a rock cutter, and a tunnel borer; all equipped with a pair of spring loaded missile launchers.  Neato!
       So far, I've only managed to acquire the UFO Blue Silver.  It's a very durable toy with a cool design.  I bought mine oop so it's not perfect; the decal on the front is missing.  No major paint issues.  The real triumph here is that mine still has its missiles.  Usually oop means the missiles are missing.  The canopy has no scratches and the interior is still intact.  I'll let my photos do the real talking.  Enjoy!

Original english language ad for the toyline


  1. Wow! Those are some really neat toys - and the eBay search list grows longer LOL

  2. I hope to add them all to my collection eventually. The prices on Ebay lean toward the outrageous. Oh, well; we toy collectors must trudge ever onward.

  3. Great memories of having this toy as a kid, I remember it as being a really solid, well-built toy. The quality of the material and construction put the Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars vehicles to shame. Good times.