Sunday, July 6, 2014

Japanese Illustrator Yuji Kaida on Youtube!

      I just discovered this great feature on Japanese scifi illustrator Yuji Kaida on Youtube.  Kaida san is known best for amazing paintings featuring Japanese giant monsters, heroes, and supermecha.  His work has included Toho's cadre of monsters such as Godzilla as well as Tsuburaya's Ultraman, and even Gerry Anderson hardware.  Kaida san's paintings have graced the covers of books, dvds, cds and even laser discs.   Numerous books have been published showcasing his work (I own a few myself).  In this youtube feature (courtesy of SciFi Japan) Kaida san discusses the motivation behind his work, his feelings on what separates a true kaiju from film from simply a giant monster film; and even his opinions regarding the two American versions of Godzilla.  Enjoy!



  1. Great find Will! I wonder if there was a follow-up interview after he'd seen the new Godzilla movie and if he liked it or not?

  2. I'm keeping my eyes open for ay follow-ups. His art is just amazing!