Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Dinky Sam Loover's Car Is A W.I.N.ning Ride!

     Well, I'm happy to announce that I've just scored another awesome Gerry Anderson related Dinky toy for my collection; Sam Loovers car from the classic Supermarionation series Joe 90.  In the show, Sam Loover was the World Intelligence Network (W.I.N.) liaison/handler to the show's protagonist Joe.  What I like about Sam's car is that its design is futuristic without being outrageous; much like Ed Straker's car in the series UFO.  I'm reasonably certain it was designed by longtime Century 21 designer Mike Trim.
     The toy is diecast metal and very durable.  I'm pleased that despite buying the toy oop; there are no paint or condition issues.  The pull-back motor mechanism works as well.  The real interesting aspect is the colour, the toy has a brilliant metallic red finish while the show's miniature was silver.  I could go on and on, but I'd rather let my photos do the real talking.  Enjoy!

For comparison with the Dinky Captain Scarlet Saloon Car and Dinky Ed Straker's car
Original Packaging photo courtesy of Mike Burrows

Original advertising art courtesy of Mike Burrows


  1. A very tidy looking model, Will. It looks good next to the Spectrum Patrol car and Straker's car. Although mine is metallic red too, I do like the other Dinky colour variations of powder blue or chrome.(I believe there were other rarer colours as well. A white one and a gold although I've never come across any)

    1. wow, I have mint red silver and blue (my favourite) but didn't know there is a white? The Dinky guys must have had fun when they got bored or ran out of paint

    2. Hey there, I have obtained one of the rare gold versions of Sam's car - how can I share a photo with you?

  2. I'm grateful for your help. The box art and the advertising art really spiff things up. I'm just grateful to finally have this in my collection.

  3. This would fit great into my 'space car' collection. It's definitely a cool looking car Will.

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