Saturday, September 6, 2014

Travel Channel Cancels Toy Hunter?! This Is Insane!

     This morning, my Wendy and I were watching The Travel Channel and we realized we hadn't heard anything lately about a fourth season of Toy Hunter.  I quickly went to Wikipedia and noticed they had no info about upcoming episodes either.  I immediately jumped to the Twitter feed for the Toy Hunter himself, Jordan Hembrough; and my worst fears were realized.  Tweet after tweet about the show's cancellation.  The Travel Channel did the unthinkable and cancelled a great show with so much more left to give.
     For those who don't know, Toy Hunter followed the cross country adventures of Jordan Hembrough, the owner of a New Jersey toy store known as Hollywood Heroes.  Jordan made his way through the attics, basements, and garages of our country searching for rare and awesome toys to sell in his store (see link below) and at major pop culture conventions.  His show gave a voice to toy collectors the world over.  He showed that toy collecting wasn't something meaningless or stupid.  It's a way of reconnecting with the better parts of our youth and our pop culture.
     I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Jordan at the 2013 Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, Washington.  He is every bit as awesome in person as he was in the show.  Meeting him was a major highlight of the trip for me.  I'm really going to miss the show.  
     Toy Hunter was my only real reason to watch The Travel Channel.  I can't relate to anything else on that channel be it bizarre culinary offerings or exotic airport layovers.  Then again, I seriously doubt losing me as a viewer is foremost on the mind of anyone at The Travel Channel.  Still and all, they dropped the ball with this decision.

Me and The toy Hunter himself at the 2013 Emerald City Comic Con !

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  1. I wholehearted;y agree Will, it is insane! I haven't seen the third season here in the Uk but your'e so right, there's so much more mileage in this brilliant TV format particularly a return to the first series' focus on the collections of ordinary people, which I loved. UK TV suffers from a rash of inane antique collecting programmes, usually late afternoon: Flog It, Antiques Road Trip and so many more. Only very rarely do they cover vintage toys so Toy Hunter was manna from Heaven for me. This was OUR programme! I doubt if there'll ever be another vintage toy TV programme in my lifetime so it is really is sad that Jordan will not be on the tube anymore. I too met him last year at the Birmingham NEC Memorabila show and like you found him to be charming and every bit as interesting and interested as he is in his shows. I just hope that the cancellation isn't a critical blow to Jordan's career and that his toy business flourishes on the back of the series. Bring back Toy Hunter!