Sunday, January 11, 2015

A TV21 Zero-Xtra!

     As a companion piece to the Zero-X feature; longtime friend of the blog, Mike Burrows (Scoop) has kindly contributed these cover images from the classic TV 21 comics magazine for our enjoyment.  All, but one feature the Zero-X spacecraft.  TV 21 was THE comic magazine for fans of Gerry Anderson and Supermarionation.  It ran stories featuring everything from Fireball XL5 to Joe 90.  Zero-X became a running comic feature as well.  The covers were meant to simulate 21st Century newspaper headlines.  The comic stories have been reprinted over the yrears in various formats and are all worth seeking out.  For now, here are some covers that are just FAB.  Thanks for the assist, Mike!


  1. Loving these magazine scans! Hey I meant to ask, what's up with the name of your blog, BTW? It comes up as just a period in the RSS feed. I can only see the name of the posts.