Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Amazing Century 21 Helijet!

     Aviation technology in Gerry Anderson's 21st Century is a marvel to behold.  One of the coolest aircraft in this world is the amazing helijet.  Helijets appear to be VTOL craft that rely on a combination of ducted fans, large vertical thrusters, and jet engines to fly.  Although helicopters are still in use by the late 2060s; helijets are more commonplace.  Helijets have appeared in Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, and Joe 90.  They've graced the covers of more than a few issues of TV21.  It's fair to say that Gerry Anderson's future would be incomplete without them.  Thank you Derek Meddings!  Below is a gallery of various helijet images.  Enjoy!

Schematic of Jumping Jack Helijet features in many Thunderbirds episodes 
Helijet in use by World TV Network
Jumping Jack Helijet in use by Gray & Houseman Construction 
Small Reconnaissance helijet
An Exectutive helijet 
A Police helijet 
The Jumping Jack helijet is a gas gas gas! 
A helijet that would likely have appeared in Captain Scarlet or Joe 90.

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